The Balloon Dog

From class clown, to world class clown. Mike Dada has truly, been honing his craft since recess.

“Mike Dada is the total package of balloon superstar. Take the best in professional skills, add 20 years of performance experience, and sprinkle with charm, wit and grace: he’s a joy to work with.”

Stuart Every; CEO of Dolphin Creative Dubai Streetfest UAE 2011-16, BUBBLES AND BALLOONS FEST  2011-2016 Dubai UAE. BUBBLES AND BALLOONS FEST 2015 Qatar.

This international festival, street and corporate performer has been astounding audiences around the world for almost a quarter century. Incorporating physical comedy, stand up, pop culture, and a lot of latex, The Balloon Dog has created a truly unique and hilarious experience that is easily adaptable to any environment.

“Mike greatly complimented the Auckland International Buskers Festival with his extremely unique & incredible balloon designs. A very talented and friendly individual who I’d have the pleasure in welcoming back anytime”. Casey Morris, Auckland International Buskers Festival 2018

Delicate works of original art, coupled with the timeless beauty of a high quality family fart joke.

check out Mike’s video below